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Charitable giving is an important tradition for many people. Making gifts for the benefit of others is a wonderful way of affirming your values and priorities.

Honoring or Recognizing a loved one or special person in your life through charitable gifts is often an especially meaningful act of paying tribute to someone special while assuring that worthwhile values continue to influence the world around us.

Memorial and Tribute gifts allow you to thoughtfully remember family members and friends who have been such a vital part of your life.

We have two ways to donate

1. eDonation – Secure online donation by clicking here:

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2. Printable Donation Form:

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Gifts for every occasion – made in honor or recognition of family and friends at times such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day; at the birth of a child or grandchild; or on a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or other notable occasion – can be gifts of love that show how much you care.

Consider: Gifts of Cash: Gifts of cash and by check or credit card are the most popular methods of memorial giving. Such gifts are convenient and can be tax deductible.

Other Property: Memorial gifts may also be funded with assets such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds that have increased in value. You not only receive regular tax savings, but you entirely avoid the capital gains tax on qualified assets given for charitable use. This extra tax benefit is one reason why a growing number of people choose to make memorial gifts using property other than cash.

A Living Legacy: Consider the following ways to leave a legacy in memory of a special friend or loved one.

A gift included in your will or living trust can establish a lasting legacy.

• A gift of excess retirement funds, such as pension plans or Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), may allow you to give more while eliminating taxes that may otherwise largely deplete these assets.
• Gifts of life insurance that has fulfilled its original purpose may offer excellent tax benefits. Policies that you purchased to protect a loved one who no longer needs that protection can be an excellent way to make a gift in honor of that person.
• Gifts that provide an income can be a tax-effective way to provide Gleaners Dispatch, Inc. with regular income for life or a certain period of time. Check with your legal and/or tax advisor(s) for more information

Become a Volunteer

Our Volunteers are the heart and soul of our ministry. Distribution line guests are given a friendly and safe atmosphere where they are treated with dignity and respect. This can only be done through the kindness, compassion, and quality of our volunteer staff.

CDL license holders and drivers with a valid Florida Drivers License are strongly encouraged to help us pick up and deliver the food to distribution centers in Jacksonville. While a CDL license is preferred, this opportunity can be good experience to assist in achieving a CDL license or getting the driving experience our volunteers have been looking for for obtaining driving employment in future.

We expect the following from our Volunteers:

• A Positive Attitude (no “whining”) A Happy Countenance & a Smile
• Body Language & Words that are always saying: “I’m glad you came by & I’m here to help you.”
• Always sign in & out in our Volunteer Log Book
• Come prepared to work as a part of a TEAM (Together Everyone Accomplishes More)
• To treat each Guest as always right. Troublesome Guests will be handled by the Coordinator
• Volunteers are allowed the same quantity of food we allow our Guests.
• Thanks for keeping the distribution area, trucks & vendor’s docks smoke free.


DRIVERS: Must file a copy of current valid Florida Drivers License with our office; must have a good driving record & current auto insurance. CDL license preferred, but not required.

LOADERS & UNLOADERS (3-4 hours per day M/Tu/Th/F/Sa) Must be able to lift 40-50 lbs. Must have own transportation to truck yard. Call for details.

A MECHANIC to keep our vehicles maintained.

Any questions or to apply, call (904) 777-6344 and leave your name, position you are interested in, your telephone number, and best time to reach you. Thanks.

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