Gleaners Dispatch

Palladium Club

Our Palladium Club members are to Gleaners Dispatch what the precious metal dust of “palladium” is to gold, platinum and silver – it adds considerable strength and value.

Just as “palladium” is an unknown precious metal whose “dust” strengthens well known precious metals (and is used in catalytic converters), Gleaners Dispatch, Inc. is an all-volunteer organization fresh food “safety net” for families who are hungry providing them fresh food free of charge. Keeping Gleaners strong every month to meet its budget is important. That’s where our Palladium Club members shine – monthly financial strength!


as of November 2019:

Barbara Coleman
Christ Church Jacksonville – Anglican
Col. USA (Ret) Loren T. Quigg
Dave & Terry Fountain
Frank Brashears
Michael & Patricia Daniels 

Norma Jean Parrish

Mike & Gean Akers
Oak Hill Church of the Nazarene, Inc.
Open Heaven Ministries Int’l., Inc.
Patrick Opachich, DC
Russell & Holly Hamrick
Sunny Acres Mobile Home Community
The Levin Corporation

Palladium Club members give recurring donations to help us meet our monthly expenses of gleaning (rescuing) fresh food and distributing (dispatching) it to senior citizens, single-parent families, unemployed, disabled, under-employed, and multi-generational family homes (children, parents, and grandparents).

Gleaners depends on Individuals, Organizations, Businesses, and/or Churches to fund it as a 501(c)(3) public charitable organization. A recurring monthly donation of any amount is helpful in assisting us in planning and meeting each monthly budget. Last year 99 cents of EVERY dollar went directly to feed people through Gleaners. We appreciate every donation, as we receive no government funding.

Through The PALLADIUM* CLUB, an individual, an organization, a business, or a church – can partner with us by authorizing a recurring monthly revenue donation (you choose the amount) to help meet and sustain our monthly budget to defray costs of gleaning and distribution. (FYI = Ninety-nine (99) cents of every dollar donated to us in 2014 went to feed people.)


* “Palladium” = a precious metal whose “dust” strengthens other precious metals like gold, platinum and silver.
Likewise, your monthly donation would strengthen Gleaners Dispatch, Inc.

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