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Add this link to your favorites (or bookmark the page) so when you buy anything online through Amazon – you will support Gleaners Dispatch, Inc. For us to get a donation from Amazon for any purchase you make, you must go through this link:

Dr. Patrick Opachich, DC

is a great supporter of Gleaners Dispatch, Inc. We have used his services and highly recommend him to you. If you need a chiropractor, call him and schedule an appointment and tell him Gleaners sent you.

Barbara Coleman at State Farm

We highly recommend Barbara Coleman to you as a State Farm Agent who has given Gleaners excellent service for many years. Tell her Gleaners sent you!

Clay County Transmissions

We recommend Clay County Transmissions on 103rd Street as being efficient, thorough, knowledgeable and honest in their transmission work for their customers. Tell “Tony” Gleaners sent you!

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